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    Rejuvenate Your Confidence and Outlook with a Dynamic Smile Makeover.We deliver you the opportunity to have a fantastic dental restoration at a very reasonable cost.
  • Welcome to Dental Express
    Patient presented with a deep overbite with the lower teeth overlapping the upper. Presence of Carious teeth that cannot be restored by composite are indicated for Root Canal therapy. The patient also had a cross bite on the posterior. In our plan we considered the functionality along with aesthetic improvement the patient desired.
  • Welcome to Dental Express
    First we did root canal therapy on the teeth with Peri-Apical infection including the front teeth. Molars were restored with Porcelain fused to metal crowns. To correct the occlusion some of the front teeth are intentionally root canal treated and restored using all porcelain crowns. The vertical height of the teeth is also increased. Patient stay in Manila, three weeks.
  • Welcome to Dental Express

    Telescopic Dentistry

    An alternative to dental implants. Ours are so good, we export them to Germany!!

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